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Gliwice Centre for non-governmental organizations

The Gliwice Centre is a city unit whose aim is to provide assistance for social activity of residents of Gliwice. It was created in 2001 as one of the first institutions of this type in Poland and it supports several dozen of associations and foundations of Gliwice both technically and actually.
The Gliwice Centre is the organizer of annual events – presentation of awards for an NGO, a social leader and business partner of the year; the voluntary service gala, Good Deeds Day, as well as actions promoting the transfer of one per cent of income tax to public benefit organizations of Gliwice.

Gliwice is a nearly two hundred -thousand- city situated in the south of Poland on Upper Silesia. Thanks to its good location (the crossroads of A1 and A4 motorways) and numerous investments Gliwice has become one of the best developing industrial centers. A conurbation which includes Gliwice has over two million inhabitants in 19 cities. The Silesian Province is one of the best urbanized and industrialized region in Poland, in the south borders on the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Apart from the fact that the conurbation includes a number of cities, this area characterizes with a lot of green and forest areas and places dedicated for tourism and sport and recreation. The region provides varied and dynamic cultural offer. Cultural infrastructure is constantly developing and thanks to the cultural institutions, independent cultural centers and activities of associations and foundations, the offer of events is becoming more and more extensive.

A mission of the Centre
For over 15 years of its existence the Gliwice Centre has constantly been changing, responding to the needs of dynamically developing the third sector and also adapting to the changing situation of residents of the region. However, invariably, the mission of the Centre is to support residents, non-governmental organizations and informal groups which make their contribution to building the civic society. Other Centre objectives cover integration of non-governmental sector, development of local communities, support for voluntary and civic activities. We provide and develop good conditions for cooperation between local leaders and public and non-governmental institutions, as well as developing a trans-sector dialogue and partnership.
What can we offer to a city resident and what to an activist of an NGO or an informal group?
If you are looking for information on NGOs operating in Gliwice, their activities and initiatives – this is the perfect place to come. We will contact you with organizations from the sector of business you are interested in – ranging from aid and pro-community activities, through youth and senior initiatives, to cultural and environmental activities. We will help you to find an area for social activity, identify people who will help you to put your ideas into practice. We also may explain what the activities of the third sector consist in and how they are different from local government activities.
If you are an NGO activist, learn about the available equipment and spots of the Centre. We will make them available for your activity for free. If, however, you are looking for partners among other NGOs, you should also come to the Centre – we will contact you with trade organizations in the region. You may also ask the Centre for information on available donators and subsidies. If you want to establish a foundation or an association, we will lead you through all necessary formalities.

What do we offer to NGOs?
Local NGOs and residents of Gliwice currently have at their disposal 3 branches of the Gliwice NGO Centre in the city centre. Each of the branches is of different specialization to provide the most effective response to local needs.

Information on every branches of the Gliwice NGO Centre and their activities

  • Social Activity Department
  • NGO and Project Department
  • The Voluntary Service Centre and Senior’s activity area

If you need any information or would like to co-operate with us – please feel free to contact us.

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